July 15, 2011

The Social Animal Will Make You Happy

Are you the type who enjoys psychology articles but can’t stand the complicated medical lingo? If so, you might want to check out The Social Animal.  Author David Brooks presents the latest research on the subconscious mind as a fictional story.  The narrative tracks the lives of two characters from pre-natal birth, young adulthood, marriage and parenthood till old age.  Periodically there is an injection of research studies using plain language to help explain their behaviour.  Brooks does an excellent job at convincing readers on how powerful the subconscious is.  
I have to say that since I’ve read the book I’m far more willing to question my opinions on education, poverty and relationships.  My favourite concept was the notion that man doesn’t have free will but has free won’t.   I can attest that this statement is an excellent conversation starter at parties. Along with the navel gazing you'll find out why dinner parties with friends is a huge part of happiness. Social animals we are indeed!
Overall Rating ***** (3 stars)

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Anonymous said...

Helene, You are ahead of the New York Times review of this book!
Looking forward to a good read & asking the free will vs. free won't question at my next event!