October 23, 2011

Where There's Smoke... There's No Fire

A colleague of mine said “Memoir writing is the new scrapbooking. “ It seems everyone has a story to tell.  The problem is not everyone’s story is interesting, at least not to your average reader.  The cover of this book is meant to attract X-File fans.  What fan could resist learning more about the iconic Cigarette Smoking Man, a character full of mystery and intrigue? Let me warn them right now that the bulk of the book is dedicated to Canadian and British theatre which oddly enough is why I was attracted to it.  And contrary to the X-files, there is nothing paranormal or alien oriented about the growth of theatre in Toronto and Vancouver.  At worst a few office tantrums and extra marital affairs are exposed but they are real and in the author’s mind explainable.  Intermixed is the never ending name dropping.  You know how boring actors are on Oscar night when their speeches list every director, producer, hair stylist they ever worked with? Well try reading 200 pages of that, except Davis wouldn’t finish his speech by thanking God.  All kidding aside, the memoir does offer some insight on acting and the importance of developing networks to succeed.  I only wish it read more like a novel instead of a resume.  Pictures of family, theatre groups and ski races would have helped to personalize it.  Overall Rating ***** (2 out of 5)

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