February 15, 2011

Essex County - Review

Despite my exposure to numerous commentaries from the Canada Reads debate, nothing prepared me for the incredible sadness I felt after reading this book. I'm full of melancholy and wondering is the kid going to be okay?  Set in rural Ontario and Toronto, the graphic novel Essex County describes how innocent people faced with tragedy/loneliness are able to cope or in many cases not cope with these events.  It's also about the generosity of individuals in helping others.  Barbara Streisand is right; "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world".
The drawings are excellent. I adored how their style changed depending on the timeline and viewpoints.  A captivating work of art.  I will have to reread as I'm sure I have missed some messages and would like to study the drawings more.  Unfortunately my childhood tendency for reading cartoons too quickly is difficult to tame.
Overall Rating (*****)

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