February 08, 2011

Canada Reads Debates - Day 2

Used the CBC's  live Internet video and chat feed for today's debate. Awesome! I loved the live chat during the session. It reminded me of the book club sessions that we have. The opinions were varied and numerous. Some were still reeling that Essex County was no longer in the running.
The biggest story was Debbie admitting that she didn't finish The Best Laid Plans due to boredom and not enjoying the humour. Whoa !!!.... what a backlash she got from that. I think she saved me some money and time so I'm grateful for her honesty.  CanadaReads helps us determine what the clubs next book will be. If a well read person can't finish the book, well that's a strong sign that it shouldn't be the winner.  Georges' book "The Bone Cage" was voted off today.  So 3 books are left for tomorrow's session. Who will be the winner? Hmmm ...we'll have to wait and see.

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