February 07, 2011

Canada Reads debate - Day 1

After standing in line for over 2 hrs the CBC finally let us in.  It's a beautiful studio,  laid out like a boxing match but instead of a ring, there are 5 red chairs around a table.  The crowd is a pleasant mix.  On a Monday morning I was expecting to see a bunch of blue hairs with walkers. We are talking "radio"here.  However, it's surprisingly young.  Or maybe I'm getting old?  The celebs arrive and we're off. The 50 minutes fly by and many were disappointed that Essex County was selected to go.  Sara did a wonderful job defending it and kindly pointed out that there may be a generational gap at the table.  When Lorne described his love for one of its characters, it convinced me that I should read this book. It's on my list.  In honour of Sara and her brilliant debating skills, I will read it soon.

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