June 20, 2011

Hawaiian History at its Best - Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell

Say “Hawaii” and I immediately have visions of classic TV shows like Hawaii 5-0 and Magnum P. I.  Who can forget those cheesy Elvis movies? The one where he played a guy called Chad as in “Oh Chad, I’m so glad you’re home from the war. Did you miss me? Watch me hula.”  I picture lots of floral leis draping the necks of tanned surfer bodies that strut on the beach wearing bowling shirts in bright bold patterns.
Then I start reading this book called “Unfamiliar Fishes” and the image is totally altered, permanently.  That’s ok. I learned a lot about Hawaiian history and I laughed often because Sarah Vowell is one witty gal.  She reminds me a bit of Michael Palin and his travel shows where well researched educational material is tossed with a pinch of sarcasm, odd facts and jokes to keep it light. If you enjoy history with a twist of humour then I think you’ll like this. I did. It will certainly add a new dimension to your next visit to the islands.
Overall Rating ***** ( 3 stars out of 5) 

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