February 25, 2011

I'll Never Pay a Kid to do a Chore Again

Sometimes after reading a lot of fiction I switch to non fiction for a change of pace.  In my case it's usually business books.  I've recently finished two bestsellers and I'm amazed at how they challenged my long held beliefs on work.
The first is "Drive" by Daniel Pink. It examines what truly motivates humans based on science and how traditional business practices are failing to capture this energy.  Companies will have to change their attitudes in this knowledge based economy in order to thrive.  Today's prevalent "carrot and big stick" management methods must be retired. He lists practical advice/strategies to encourage "Drive" for individuals, managers and teachers. After reading this book, you will never offer your kids cash  in exchange for chores. Read it and you'll learn why.  

The second book is called Linchpin by Seth Godin. He believes that many companies will send any work that can be easily replicated elsewhere where it is cheaper.  The "good ole days" where companies looked after their workers are over.  The book provides advice on how workers can survive this fundamental shift in company priorities.  He encourages them to find companies that recognize the creative value of their employees.  He also describes how successful workers build on their individuality and their talents. Becoming artists in a sense.

Both books have similar messages and I recommend them equally however if you are a teacher/parent/manager then "Drive" is a must-read. The concepts are excellent conversation starters at parties.  Everyone is affected by outsourcing, bad bosses, getting children engaged in school activities, etc...  There's something for everyone in these books. It's not just for business folks or HR types.
Overall Rating (***** )

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