February 09, 2011

Canada Reads - Day 3 - The Finale

Did I say "The Best Laid Plans" shouldn't be a winner? Well guess what.... it won !!!  Hmmm .... could the design diva be wrong? I may just have to find out, especially after meeting a huge Terry Fallis fan in the line up this morning. The 2 hours wait flew by this morning because of her. Her name is Evadne Macedo http://books.macedo.ca/  and we chatted about writing, human rights, social media, etc etc...  She made Terry Fallis sound like the most kindest, generous author around so I'm pleased that he got the prize.

As for me I went to see Lorne Cardinal afterwards to congratulate him on defending Carol Shields "Unless". I just love her writing so much.  We both agreed that she was an easy target because of her brilliance and success.  When I asked him if he would do Canada Reads again next year, he said he would love too. Whatever book he picks I'll be reading it for sure.

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